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about us

Royal Equestrian Events Organization (REEO) is a non-profit inspiring organization in the equestrian industry that looks forward to promote resource development in the UAE in particular and in the world in general. The diversity of the audience's cultural background and experiences will enable them to open new horizons of thinking, which will lead to more harmony and tolerance : these two characteristics that define Dubai as a global city from which it can be launched to cover the world as a whole. Additionally, it will necessarily stimulate and generate the energy of the new generation.

We are confident that the Dubai International Equestrian Conference is a global conference providing different opportunities to face current challenges and indicate future expectations. The conference will bring together businessmen, professional investors, experts, scientists, veterinarians, stylists, feed specialists, as well as other participants in various fields of this industry such as riders, horse lovers, and others.

The conference is hosting a number of panel discussions, researches, lectures and youth talks, led by technical influencers and we encourage you to take this opportunity to participate and share your valuable insights and knowledge. The conference will focus on all equestrian sports, reservoir challenges, the role of federations, solutions to various problems and innovation.

We are certain that REEO is driving an exceptional platform, provide you with unlimited benefits and open new horizons to meet the challenges of the current equestrian industry. We look forward to seeing you all in Dubai to share ideas and visions that will generate great initiatives and contribute to pushing the industry forward.

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